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Direct advertiser for nutra offers in Latam and EU

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700+ exclusive offers
70+ GEOs in Latam, EU and CIS
Rates up to $20 for CIS and up to $45 for the EU offers
In-house call centre with native speakers

M1 —
Get ready to

Direct advertiser in Latam and EU
Our own call‑center
Access to logs and recordings of calls
Support team responds in 2 minutes
Free trainings from our TOP-affiliates

About Us


Start of work with whitehat in Ukraine


Start of work in all of the CIS countries


Developing our own call center


The company's staff has increased to 60 people


Start of work in Europe, Asia and Africa


Launching direct advertiser in Latam and EU

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Наши аккаунт менеджеры

Аккаунт-менеджер по РФ и СНГ
Иван Иванов
Аккаунт-менеджер по РФ и СНГ
Иван Иванов
Аккаунт-менеджер по РФ и СНГ
Иван Иванов
Аккаунт-менеджер по РФ и СНГ
Иван Иванов
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Reviews and partners

Gipsy Land
Affiliate Marketing

M1 and I have been fortunate enough to tune the delicate strings of our souls together. Enrich our homes not only with pleasant partnerships, but also with coin. Special thanks to the golden man and communication guru, our manager Igor. Expanded geography, the most awesome quality offers, timely payments,hypnotizing and powerfull call center - M1 - best of the best on the market and a huge ""+"" in your karma.

Crazy Profit
Agency / C.P.A.

Not the first month we work with Partner M-1, I would like to tell you why we choose them. 1) Actual offers and rates on them. 2) The possibility to get the guarantee of aprove. 3) Fast and within the time frame withdrawal of funds. 4) Assisting manager, who helps to create links 5) The ability to obtain the necessary information on the GEO in which the traffic is merged, find out what channels are watching there, translate the text from a native speaker and much more 6) Cool Meetups) You guys are great, keep up the good work !!!

Agency / C.P.A.

We work with the guys on the nutra, partnering with them was a big discovery for us. Let's keep working)

AGM Team

For me M1 is not just a good affiliate network, they are my friends. I started working with them in 2016 and since then they have been trusted and reliable partner who really cares about its affiliates. These guys are working on the win-win principle and they are one of the kind on the market who know how to keep a balance. So everyone in the chain Affiliate - CPA Network - Advertiser gets profit. The point that is worth knowing about M1 - adequate approval, strong call center, compensation for mistakes, up-to-date free trainings, understanding support, good payouts, stylish merch, awesome pre-and after-parties. So M1 is one love!!!

In charge of the ship

I am the owner of a team which has several directions. as for the product niche - M1 is probably one of the top partners, which has been on the market for a long time. The first and most important advantage is the clear assistants who can help you with various questions and pick up an offer for your traffic source (Guys, do not be afraid to ask the support team for a recommendation - it is in their interest to help you). The second big plus is their own call-center, it's just unreal how convenient, as if you have the entire CRM system with reports on the calls. Very convenient. The third plus. Withdrawal on the day or hold on the minimum days (traffic verification) - we have several years of expirience and till now we haven't had a problem with the withdrawal nor with the VMZ and in the settlement account.

Affiliate of the devil

M1 has a lot of training material. The vast majority of questions and difficulties are described in their media resources with tutorials and screenshots, At the moment there is not a single open question from a technical point of view. I like my support team! We have a comfortable, even friendly relationship with Maxim. All questions are resolved within one day, and it is very important! Quick withdrawal of funds from 1000 rubles! This is very convenient, especially for beginners Web's, as reinvestment occurs almost instantly! I recommend starting to work with this affiliate.

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